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Membership Policy

Wireless Farmer’s Market Inc. has a list of categories similar to what most Farmer Market Associations require to be a member of their Association or Market vendor. In order to be a Vendor on Wireless Farmer’s Market Inc. your occupation will need to fall into one or more of our categories. If you register as a Vendor on this site and do not meet or qualify to be in one of the categories listed, Wireless Farmers Market Inc. reserves the right to remove your listing from the site.

This site is not intended for  large multinational corporations and as such large multinational corporations will not qualify as a vendor on this site. If you are a manufacturer or retail outlet for products related to the Farmers Market Community and would like to place an advertisement with us please click on the Advertising section. If you place an ad that is not related to the Farmer’s Market Community then Wireless Farmer’s Market reserves the right to remove it. Wireless Farmer’s Market Inc. has a no refund policy if a vendor , manufacturer, or retail outlet does not meet the requirements as per this policy or user agreement.

Fees and Services
For membership fees and service fees please visit our fee schedule page. Unless otherwise stated all fees are quoted in United States Dollars .When selling on Wireless Farmer’s Market you must open a Pay Pal Acct. When paying for Membership, Advertising or service fee’s you can pay with email transfer or Paypal please visit our fee schedule page.

As a seller on Wireless Farmers Market Inc. you are required by law to declare and pay taxes on income from what you sell…To determine what you need to pay and if you need to charge taxes i recommend you consult with provincial and federal laws ,or your tax professional. As a seller on Wireless Farmers Market Inc. you will be responsible for paying all fees and applicable taxes associated with this site’s service applications, tools, memberships, and advertising with a valid payment method.

Purchase Conditions
You are responsible for reading the full item listing, including any instructions the seller provides, before making a commitment to buy. If you make commitment to purchase a product or item from a vendor you are entering into a legal binding agreement with the vendor and are obligated to purchase the item.

We do not transfer legal ownership of items from the seller to the buyer.

Cross Border Trade
In some cases you may have international buyers and if so the seller will be responsible for all shipping, taxes, duties.