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Frequently Answered Questions

Wireless Farmers Market FAQ 2016

Q) How do I become a Vendor?
A) Just click on Membership

Q) Is there a fee to become a Wireless Farmers Market Member?
A) Yes just click on Member Services for options and fees

Q) As a member of Wireless Farmers Market am I required to sell products using shopping cart option?
A) No as member you can just post your add and have potential customers contact you direct

Q) As a Vendor wanting to sell products on Wireless Farmers Market what do I need to do?
A) Just click on !!!! and follow instructions

Q) As a Vendor listing and selling products on Wireless Farmers Market are there any fees?
A) Yes we charge a small commission and transaction fee for each product sold on Wireless Farmer’s Market

Q) Are my Wireless Farmers Market earnings taxable ?
A) As a seller you are required by law to declare and pay taxes on income from what you sell…To determine what is required I recommend you contact your provincial and federal agencies and tax professional

Q) What are terms and conditions?
A) Rules and legal requirements before using Wireless Farmers Market web site…PLEASE READ

Q) What do I need to do to become a vendor?
A) Just click on the Join Our Network at the top of the website.

Q) As a Vendor wanting to sell products on Wireless Farmer’s Market what do I need to do?
A) Once you have created your account click on the Go to Vendor Dashboard button and start creating your store!